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She was selected as the Playmate of the Month for April 1997.

She featured in many Playboy Special Edition publications while she worked for Playboy during the 1990s.

Used by Heather during her stay at Forest Hill, Sarah eventually wised up to her after recovering and left town after telling her that she was onto her. He funds Sam Mc Call and Damian Spinelli's private eye agency. Katharine Delafield's cousin who schemed with Katharine's fiancee Paul De Vore to kill her for her inheritance. Was killed while fighting Luke Spencer, who threw him into the ice chamber in self-defense. Ex-wife of Scott Baldwin, Tony Jones, and Alan Quartermaine. Surrogate and adoptive mother of Serena Baldwin and adoptive mother of Christina Baldwin. Character moved to the General Hospital spin-off, Port Charles, in 1997. The leader of the Corinthos-Morgan Mob Organization/Imports. Husband of Carly Corinthos; ex-husband of Brenda Barrett; widower of Lily Rivera and Claudia Zacchara. Adoptive paternal half-brother of Michael Corinthos III. Carried by Britt Westbourne via surrogacy; Britt claimed Rocco was her son with Patrick Drake. Part of the Corinthos, Spencer and Webber families.

The Jewish financier for Corinthos and Morgan and Benny's identical twin brother. Shot in 2011, and blackmailed by Cesar Faison, posing as Duke Lavery. She ended up being shot instead and came back as a ghost to venge herself on Paul which lead to his death. Mother of Stefan Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine and Irina Cassadine. Cursed Luke and Laura Spencer on their wedding day on November 16, 1981. Son of Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine, making him part of both the Spencer family and Cassadine family. Father of Dante Falconeri, Kristina Davis, Morgan Corinthos, Lila Mc Call (stillborn) and Avery Corinthos; adoptive father of Michael Corinthos III., adopted by Sonny Corinthos. Gave birth to a child with Eddie Weeks, which was initially given up for adoption to Fred and Janet Fleming. Worked for a company trying to buy GH and was the source of a number of deaths and accidents to discredit GH. Originally came to town as an undercover police officer wanting to take down Sonny, not knowing he was his father. Part of the Spencer family and part of the Corinthos family by marriage. Maternal half-sister of Nikolas Cassadine and paternal half-sister of Ethan Lovett. Was impregnated by Dillon Quartermaine in 2006 and had an abortion. Part of the original cast, Janet is the wife of Fred Fleming. Phil Brewer performs a hysterectomy on her to save her life, but faces charges for performing the procedure without Fred's knowledge. Became a suspect in the murder of Garrett's mistress, Brianna Hughes.

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Schemes with Lulu Spencer to break up Dillon Quartermaine and Georgie Jones. Daughter of Helena Cassadine and part of the Cassadine family. Ewen Keenan as his patient and developed a relationship with Ethan Lovett while under the name Cassandra. Presumed dead multiple times, and revived multiple times with his mother's help. Put in charge of the Quartermaine family business to keep it from being used as a front for illegal activity. Mother of Starr Manning and Jack Manning with Todd Manning, Brendan Thornhart (stillborn) with Patrick Thornhart, and adoptive mother of Sam Manning with Victor Lord Jr. Came to Port Charles in 2012 to comfort her daughter, Starr, as she grieves for loss of Cole and Hope. Comes back to Port Charles to watch Starr at the nightclub grand opening and to announce that she's marrying Tomas Delgado. Mother of Sam Mc Call, Kristina Davis, and Molly Lansing. Developed an obsession with Anna Devane, which led to him terrorizing many residents of Port Charles over the years. Later that day, in an ironic twist, Edward suffered a heart attack because of the poisoning, causing him to lose control of his car and run down Andrea. Mayor of Port Charles from 2006 until 2012, when he was replaced by Janice Lomax. Initially a suspect in the murder of his mistress Brianna Hughes, for which his wife Andrea was later found guilty. Brother of Robert "Franco" Frank, Karen Wexler, Serena Baldwin, and Christina Baldwin. She later had open-heart surgery and received the much younger heart of the recently deceased David Mc Allister. Ex-husband of Miranda Jameson, Alexis Davis, Courtney Matthews, Skye Chandler Quartermaine and Carly Corinthos.

Cher went on vacation recently in Italy amid new reports that the 70-year-old singer and actress is “dying, broke, and alone.” These accusations, which originally started circulating online at the end of last year, resurfaced after a report was published on Wednesday that allegedly says a source close to Cher confirmed that she’s “on her last legs and has lost her vast fortune.” However, new photos of Cher vacationing in Italy clearly show that the “Turn Back Time” singer is still going strong, living large, and looking well, according to reported that the Epstein-Barr virus was more deadly than Cher’s doctors led her to believe.

Cher was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr, one of the most common forms of the herpes virus, in the late 1980s.

At the time, Cher was too fatigued to work on music and film, so the “Goddess of Pop” turned to infomercials and launched health and beauty products to earn a living.

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