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They often sell out well in advance, especially over summer.

You will also learn, grow, and bond tremendously from the games and drills incorporated into our weekend together. *All prices listed for Dating Boot Camp are per person.

I have tried about everything so you do have to: from cheesy openers, pictures that just do not work until I was able to master the ultimate guide to picking up women online.

This course is designed to include my latest research, tests and knowledge, all designed to take your online dating to the next level.

The Dating Boot Camp is a time for you to grow but also have fun!

To create this course I created a few fake profiles and tested out what works and does not work, including revising and posting my own profile until I was able to get an amazing total of over 415 women to like me in less then two months! If so, take this course and learn how to create a profile that works, send messages that get answers, and get actual dates.

Should you choose to stay, you will get discount offers to my best selling courses emailed you directly from Udemy. Wait, are you siting at home alone and reading this?

You will create once in a lifetime memories and experience personal growth like never before.

Our program makes it easy and enjoyable to have those deep conversations in a safe and structured environment.

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Through this relationship enhancing boot camp, prepare to have your perspective changed and your outlook shifted as you learn new ways to set boundaries, look out for warning signs, openly communicate and improve your self-esteem.

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