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And we would be honoured to continue to do the same for you.That's why many Ontario hospitals are reviewing their laundry and linen systems.Consolidating linen and laundry resources is an effective, long-term efficiency measure. Successful consolidation however, requires teaming up with the right organization.

Cable television outlets owned by Advance serve 2.4 million customers in Florida, California, Michigan, Indiana and Alabama.

A global public art installation that seeks to transform public places into sites for candor and intimacy will make a stop in Palo Alto on April 19. Palo Alto Public Art Program Manager Elise De Marzo says King Plaza is an ideal location to host the Truth Booth.

Palo Altans will get the chance to ponder the question, “What is your truth? Participants can freely enter the recording booth, in the shape of a giant inflatable speech bubble, and complete the statement, “The truth is…” The Cause Collective, made up of a team of artists, designers and ethnographers, brought the installation titled “In Search of the Truth” (The Truth Booth) on a world tour starting in 2011 and then decided to launch a special election year tour in the United States last year. “Since the election there have been a lot of candid discussions about what truth really means,” De Marzo said.

Or that we should even bother to worry about where the news comes from.

After all, isn’t everything available on the internet?

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