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I've managed to get the sound files to actually import, but when Logic opens them up there are obvious sync issues.

For one thing, Logic places the files at the fourth bar.

Warping your tracks correctly is another whole subject and there are plenty of tutorials out there explaining how to do this, i usually adjust the first warp marker to be on its place and live does a good job warping the whole track correctly.

Now that you have your 7 separated tracks all lined up and warped, you should be able to play them and hear your complete original song perfectly, and hear it correctly even if you change the tempo of the live act.

You need to have at least 1 MIDI note in the project, otherwise Reaper fails to write the file, so in case you want to only get the tempo map transferable, you need to insert a MIDI item with at least one note (a cc event is not enough either). The midi file starts at zero but silence is added to the start pushing the midi track off line by a few measures. Also, the exported tracks will eventually be opened in pro tools for mixing.

I write/compose all of my music in Apple Logic and I would like to use Ableton Live to sequence different scenes of audio from it. I am familiar with bouncing stems of tracks but the sound always changes when the audio effects are baked in.

Similar to the NSA (America’s “National Security Agency”), Logic Pro is always “listening”.

Without hitting the Record Button, Logic Pro is secretly recording your MIDI and Audio signals that are connected to the application.

I'm working on a film where I'm using Logic for post-production sound and the editor is using Avid.

But what if you have just played your perfect Track, it was your best performance and your producer yells out “Oh my God” with a very satisfied look on his face, and you forgot to hit the Record Button? You click a button and a new Region with what you have played magically appears … This magic button on the Control Bar is the “Capture Recording Button”.

It is hidden by default from the Transport Controls section, so you have to make it visible first (unless you use the Key Command You don’t have to use the Capture Recording Button only as a safety net.

You only have to press the Record Button (or use a Key Command ) and Logic Pro records the incoming MIDI signals as a new MIDI Region on the Track’s Track Lane.

This is standard procedure, nothing earth shattering here.

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All channels from a project may be rendered to a single or multiple audio files, as well as be burned directly to disc using the Bounce function.

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