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If you have grown up in a Christian home that believes in the Holy Bible, then most certainly, you have limited yourself to chaperoned dating until the age of 21.If you are truly saved, it is not until your 21st birthday, that the thought of dating someone without adult supervision would even enter your mind. If you are truly saved, you are looking for a woman who will serve you and who loves the Lord as much as you do.Way to state the obvious and waste your digital calling card. He was due some leave from his unspecified nautical job in three months, and could we “meet up and see how things progress? There were plenty more from those who clearly weren't a good match – guys in the 50 plus age bracket, guys who lived in Australia, guys who were saving their first kiss for marriage.There was also a serious sense of humour failure, as if the men on there were worried that “being a bit funny” is the work of Satan and no self-respecting Christian would dare make a joke. At least Public Praying Man made it to the dating stage – but his penchant for saying grace out loud made me feel, as many of the men's profiles did, that I wasn't Christian enough to go out with a Christian.

Instead said blokes had chosen to write strings of generic proclamations about how much they loved the Lord. I was getting that vibe already guys, considering you've chosen to join a religious dating site. He was writing from the waters off the coast of Canada, and wondered if I'd wait for him.You are looking for a woman who will not squander your income or lean toward gossip.You are looking for a woman who will submit and obey, for there is no other way for a marriage to honor God without following the strict Biblical principles that God has laid out for us in the Bible.He even took me to the top of our football stadium (which is not allowed, p.s. I had planned out our wedding, future mission trips, and babies. Flash forward to a more recent occurrence of yet the same issue. And because of its rarity and the amazing “Christian-ness” of said gentleman, I fell into the same trap. – what is it about breaking the rules that makes good men even more attractive? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, GOD, THAT THIS GREAT CHRISTIAN GUY ISN’T THE MAN I’M SUPPOSED TO MARRY? Several “date-like” events with another young gentleman of excellent caliber and I was hooked.

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So, single guys: If God himself hasn’t closed the door to marriage right now, exactly what is keeping you from it?

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