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The observers, who appeared nervous, were in the custody of armed men wearing camouflage fatigues and black balaclavas, who escorted them into the Slovyansk city hall for the news conference and led them away afterward.

'The mayor of this city granted us his protection and he regarded us as his guests,' Col Schneider told journalists in Slovyansk, which has become the centre of the pro-Russia insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

They’ve had more schooling than most in the military.

They’re likely to be married with a couple of kids.

But while the Army isn't going to tell us anything more about Josh Wheeler, he can still speak for himself.

The week of his death, the Army released two pictures, Wheeler's official service portrait, and one from his family.

The Green Berets specialize in unconventional warfare — i.e.

Army Special Forces involves more than elite combat training.

Following the rally a group of about 500 activists marched to the TRK Donbass television station to take control of the building Col Schneider said he had no information about when they would be released and that this was a matter for diplomats of their countries.He had an eventful career with Special Forces and was one of the first operators in Afghanistan following 9/11.He did five deployments before taking a position in the upper echelons of national security planning.The insurgents in Slovyansk have taken a number of people hostage, including journalists and pro-Ukraine activists, as they strengthen their control in the east of the country in defiance of the interim government in Kiev and its Western supporters.Colonel Axel Schneider from Germany, who spoke for the group of military observers detained on Friday, stressed that they were on a diplomatic mission under the auspices of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and were not spying for Nato, as the insurgents claim.

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Had he been a typical soldier, Joshua Wheeler's death would have been a national event, a Bridge at Concord-moment announcing that American soldiers would now stand and fight against ISIS on the ground. He was a member of Delta Force, the Army's most secret unit, and so, even now—two months after his death—we know almost nothing about him.

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