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This is just one of the many ways in which our Air Freight Solutions help your Business Soar.We are an Extremely Efficient Network for all your Air Freight Forwarding refer to a cargo shipping method in which a logistics company to combine several individual consignments to make up one shipment.This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped at cheaper rates and offers greater security.Our aim is to provide comprehensive international freight forwarding services to worldwide clients and partners Through years of operation & market exploitation, we have established a solid relationship with many shipping lines, airlines and local authorities which in turn enables us to proceed with the cargo of our customer smoothly.To expand our international outreach, KHL has developed a vast network of agents that are strategically located worldwide such as North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia& South America.If you are in the market for shipping consolidation services, International 3PL has the right solutions.When we consolidate (or repack) your parcels, we take the content of the packages and put it in a single box that is as small and safe as possible.

When shipping internationally, you can avoid higher costs associated with air and ocean transportation by combining your freight with other shipments.

Arnoff Global Logistics Freight Forwarding Department can provide the following services: I am happy to fill out this survey - but I do not appreciate being made to make comments or answer every question.

For instance - I don't know if Arnoff is a good value.

Arnoff can provide door-to-door, door-to-port, and port-to-door shipping including first and final mile services both here in the US an in the foreign country of origin or destination.

Arnoff can provide packaging, crating, rigging and origin transportation services for any and all shipments small or large around the world.

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