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S.’s credit rating got totally fucked because the markets decided we can’t be trusted to pay our bills. Another group hit hardest by the government shutdown is the Native American population, which is just great because they haven’t been screwed badly enough by the American political system over the past 200 years. Among the countless cuts during the government shutdown were 23 Headstart programs.Guess which branch of government bore the brunt of that blame? Catastrophic climate change, unsustainable mass incarceration, dangerously neglected public infrastructure—oh sorry, just rattling off issues that have been largely ignored while you’ve argued about Obamacare for three years. Congress, please stop making it so easy to say “fuck you.” Rep. Let’s put that in terms both preschoolers and our most idiotic elected officials can understand: poor kids who need help can’t get it because Congress is fighting.Are credit-card-stealing miscreants also swiping cars with enormous gas tanks, or merely filling up the passenger cars they regularly drive?I'd love to know how many times, prior to the run-up in gas prices, a triggered cutoff actually coincided with a subsequent report of a stolen card. His students, he thought, weren't performing well academically and they were being disruptive, rude and dishonest.So he sent the students in his strategic management class an email: "Since teaching this course, I have caught and seen cheating, been told to 'chill out,' 'get out of my space,' 'go back and teach,' [been] called a 'fucking moron' to my face, [had] one student cheat by signing in for another, one student not showing up but claiming they did, listened to many hurtful and untrue rumors about myself and others, been caught between fights between students…." Horwitz said he would fail every single student.

However, the spokesman said that the across-the-board F grades, which were based on Horwitz's views of students' academic performance and behavior, will all be re-evaluated.John Culberson recalled the GOP vote to shut down the government thusly: “The whole room [said]: ‘Let’s vote! ’” In the name of all victims of actual terrorism, shut. Now say it with us, kids: “Fuck You Congress.” Congress had a deal in place to avoid this entire shitshow months ago, but one side reneged.Worse still, that side has spent the past two weeks pointing the finger of blame rather than owning their hardline stance. On behalf of every student trying to figure out how to write a political science research paper without access to government websites, we’re going to go ahead and say “fuck you Congress” without citation.Buying from or the Apple Store usually isn’t an issue.Apple tends to have better inventory than third-party stores so you’re often wiser for buying from the company directly.

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