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Through three issues, appellant contends the evidence was insufficient to support his conviction and the trial court erred in admitting hearsay testimony. Background Much of the evidence showing the events leading to appellant's prosecution is undisputed. Section 22.011(a)(1)(C) criminalizes the intentional or knowing act of causing the sexual organ of another person, without that person's consent, to contact, inter alia, the mouth of another person, including the actor. Appellant arranged for another man, Richard Hughes, to engage in sexual contact with appellant's wife, in their bedroom and in appellant's presence. The phrase “including the actor” makes clear that the defendant may, but need not be, the person whose mouth is caused to contact the sexual organ of another person. An Amarillo gynecologist is the subject of a complaint filed in May by the Texas Medical Board that alleges he had sexual relationships with multiple patients and was medically negligent. Douglas Ray Shelton engaged in sexual relationships with four patients, according to the complaint.It also states he was negligent in performing medical services and failed to safeguard against potential complications.In June 2011, Shelton entered into a two-year Performance Improvement Plan with BSA, the complaint states.

While you cannot go back and change the past, you can -- through a therapy plan that is designed specifically for you-- develop a better understanding of the past events, enabling you to resolve challenges in you life and approach life with a clear focus.""Life can feel like a jungle when we have problems that are holding us down.and his sentence of imprisonment for a term of five years and a ,000 fine. There was no allegation charging appellant as a party to the offense. The confinement and ,000 of the fine were suspended in favor of probation for five years. The language of the statute contemplates the participation of a third party in sexual assaults. The State undertook to prove that appellant, as the actor, caused his wife's sexual organ to contact Hughes's mouth, without her consent. "Life can feel like a jungle when we have problems that are holding us down.There is not a single person that has lived very long that has not experienced some issue that seems to control their life.

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The contested issues involve her consent to the arrangement and the nature of appellant's actions. Following the birth of their first child in 2003, the couple's sex life deteriorated, frustrating appellant. It is sufficient for guilt under § 22.011(a)(1)(C) that the defendant causes the unlawful contact.

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