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"You adjust to where you live and guns are readily available in LA and a lot of people have them.So if someone is breaking into the house and I have a young daughter, it is either you get shot or.. When she was first gifted with a gun, the mother-of-one said she enjoyed the "novelty" of carrying it in her purse, but soon chose to move it away and now she has one in her car and home.

And it seems the Body 2 Body singer loves the idea of getting involved in our next Eurovision campaign.

She also went on to star in a Steven Spielberg movie in 2002 (The Time Machine) with her brother Omero on the back of its success, so you know, very big deal.

Samantha Mumba with husband Torray Scales walk the red carpet at the Gala Irish premiere of The Handsome Devil as part of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival at the Savoy Cinema. At first it is a bit weird and you open the glove box and there is a gun there or whatever," she told the Irish Daily Mail's You magazine.

The urgency of the message (“Don’t wanna tell you this now, but it wouldn’t be right/ If I didn’t tell you this tonight”) inspired turn-of-the-century teens to pump the brakes and listen to their conscience before jumping in the sheets.

It was the song that made Samantha 'break America' as it entered the number four spot of the Billboard Hot 100.

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